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PGi White Papers

Here you’ll find our latest white papers on collaboration, conferencing & communication. These white papers feature comprehensive looks at industry trends, strategies and data to help guide your team for a successful future with business collaboration.

The IT Buyer’s Guide to Web Conferencing

It has long been known that web conferencing solutions can be time-saving and have a revenue-lifting impact on productivity, while boosting team relationships of disparate …

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audio quality

“The Science of Sound” White Paper

In order to understand the  large-scale impact of audio quality on our psychology, behavior and work performance, it is crucial to first understand the science …

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Video Conferencing Buyers Guide

IT Buyer’s Guide to Video Conferencing

Regardless of your company’s size, if its like most businesses, your workforce has become more geographically disparate than ever. And while your team may not …

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IT Insights

IT Insight Series: Empowering the User

It’s no secret that new technology drives cultural transformation, slays status quos and propels team productivity and collaboration, but what tech providers don’t want to …

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IT Insights Series: Establishing Credibility Across an Organization

The combination of BYOD and shadow IT have been a growing trend in the modern workplace. And unfortunately for IT teams, these trends can pose …

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White Paper – The IT Buyer's Guide to Web Conferencing

The IT Buyer’s Guide to Web Conferencing

In this white paper, learn how the right web conferencing solution can: Reduce IT costs. Reduce the support burden on your IT staff. Improve data and communication …

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