A Collaboration Experience Centered Around Law Firms

Soundpath® Legal is now GlobalMeet® for Legal, the only legal conferencing and billing software designed exclusively to meet the needs of law firms. With GlobalMeet for Legal, you will still have access to PGi’s award-winning products and dedicated service team that have helped legal professionals around the world connect and collaborate more effectively, now with additional perks.

We’re excited about the evolution of Soundpath Legal into the GlobalMeet brand family and hope you’re as eager as we are to embark on the next chapter of our brand journey together.

Already a Soundpath Legal Customer? If you’re currently using GlobalMeet conferencing services and accessing our new web platform, you’re all set. That was easy! If you’re a legacy audio customer, speak with your account manager to learn more about setting up a free trial to test our new GlobalMeet meetings platform for audio, video and web conferencing.

If you’re not a current Soundpath Legal customer, request a demo and learn more how GlobalMeet for Legal can help you connect and collaborate more effectively.

Contact Us: 888-233-0162

GlobalMeet for Legal Meetings and Collaboration

Enable collaboration that aligns with the specific needs and high level of service required by the legal industry with the highest quality, easiest-to-use audio, video and web conferencing solution. Lawyers can experience instant, one-click access to their own simple and intuitive meeting room from any browser, on any device, anytime.

In the office or on the go, GlobalMeet for Legal delivers a superior collaboration experience for depositions, client meetings, continuing legal education, business development and more.

For law firms, that means getting your meetings up and running faster, improving productivity and decreasing downtime.

GlobalMeet for Legal Event Services

GlobalMeet Event Solutions and Services provide the gold standard for operator-assisted conferencing and webinar/webcast events. We offer the scalability to deliver any online legal event, on any device — from firm-wide announcements and legal marketing webinars to town halls and other large meetings.

GlobalMeet for Legal Benefits

Trusted Legal Provider

GlobalMeet for Legal is used by the largest legal firms in North America — over 70% of the AMLAW 100 and AMLAW 200. We offer the highest quality service for important client calls, coupled with time-saving methods to reduce back-office expenses and increase bottom-line profitability. GlobalMeet for Legal offers economical and predictive cost structures that allow for easier budgeting as well as aid in reducing technology costs and increase your company’s bottom line.

Designed for Law Firms

GlobalMeet’s specialized patented billing system seamlessly captures meeting minutes and integrates with CMS to accurately track and allocate the costs associated with client communications. The simple, intuitive interface allow lawyers to connect, collaborate and share information quickly from any device, anytime, enabling greater productivity in the office or on the go.

Industry-Leading Security

GlobalMeet offers industry-leading conference security features, the most advanced fault-tolerant and redundant architecture and the highest level of security screening in the industry.

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